About Chile Investments

MattChile Investments is owned and managed by Matt Ridgway. Matt has lived, worked and invested in South America since 2003, when he moved to the region from the United Kingdom. He has lived in and owned multiple properties in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Valparaiso, Santiago and the Colchagua Valley in Chile. Matt has long, personal experience of investing in real estate in Chile and in South America. Over the years, Matt has developed a wide-ranging network of high-level contacts that covers every aspect of property investment in Chile, from highly respected real estate and tax lawyers, to experienced architects, real estate developers, government officials, bankers and some of the country’s best known winemakers. His first-class team of contacts ensures that clients are referred only to the finest professionals in their respective fields. Matt knows how the country works, who to talk to and how to get things done.

“I believe that I am the perfect partner for international investors- both individual and corporate- who are looking to expand their portfolio in Chile. I will always be your first point of contact. I offer a personalised service to clients, assisting with every step of property investment in Chile, and ensuring that clients are treated as they should be: professionally and respectfully. Over the years, I have counselled clients on investments such as individual apartments in Santiago, large-scale residential developments, agricultural properties (vineyards and orchards) and conservation properties. I have worked successfully with individual clients and large-scale investment groups. I have been described as ‘brutally honest’ by clients, have a reputation for honesty and integrity and will always put clients’ needs first. I would prefer to miss out on a commission than to sell a property that doesn’t fit with my clients’ requirements or lifestyle. I always treat clients’ money as if it were my own and if I don’t think an investment is a good one, I’ll say so. Selling for the sake of selling simply does not interest me. I prefer to build trust and long term relationships with clients and have become friends with many.”

Matt has been consulted by various international newspapers regarding real estate investment in Chile, and has appeared as the featured agent on two real estate-based TV shows, House Hunters International and Live Here, Buy This! For more information, please visit our Press page.

Matt splits his time between Santiago and the Colchagua Valley, where he can be found working on his vineyard and making wine, renovating properties, looking after his family of pets and working on vineyard projects for his clients. In his spare time, Matt is sure to be found building something, somewhere.

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