Why Chile?

There is no country in South America like Chile: Stable politically, economically and socially, with famously low levels of corruption, excellent credit ratings and very little violent crime, Chile is unique on the continent. Add to this the stunning scenery, from the driest desert in the world to the unsurpassable Patagonia, with UNESCO World Heritage cities, vineyards, orchards and ranches, and the pulsing and dynamic capital city of Santiago in between, and you have one of the most attractive investment and tourism destinations in the world. Opportunities abound in commercial, residential, agricultural and tourism real estate.

Chile is one of the world’s largest fruit exporters and, in fact, leads the way in several sectors. It is a major producer of wine and is rapidly shaking off its cheap and cheerful image, embracing innovation and new ideas, and producing some of the finest wines in the world.

The country has a sound base from its mining industry, which allows the government to save for the future and put money aside for the inevitable downturns in the economic cycle. Few countries rebounded as quickly as Chile did after the 2008 credit-crunch.

Chile is a country that attracts both individuals looking for somewhere where they can feel sheltered from the buffeting winds of the world economy, and large-scale investors looking for a solid base to generate attractive returns and from which to expand to other countries in the region. Chile’s sound legal system, stable and growing economy and spectacular scenery make for a fantastic destination for every type of investor.